From hotels to accredited translation skills in Dutch, German and English
Let me to introduce myself, Diana van Eijck, accredited translator, and the founder and owner of Business Linguistics translation service.

Since returning to The Netherlands in 2000, and moving back to Germany in 2011, I studied to be an accredited translator and enhance my language expertise at ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen (translation college, Bachelor Degree), in addition to completing the first two years of teacher training college at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

My road to being an accomplished translator and building Business Linguistics translation service started with a desire to see the world and an initial career in hospitality, hotels and restaurants.

Whether assisting guests, serving tables or running a resort front office, my fascination with multi-cultural conversations, and the nuances in the way different dialects explain things, remained constant. On the job, my own language skills expanded, first (Swiss) German, then, thanks to an extensive stint in the Caribbean, (American) English, Spanish, and Papiamento, the variable dialect of Aruba.

I gained my first informal teaching experience helping a Canadian friend who wanted to be able to socialise and read her own tax papers in Dutch – correcting her wobbly grammar and accent on an ongoing basis. After that, I grew into constant translator mode when recruited to the pre-opening team for a new Marriott resort in Costa Rica. So, my next professional path was inadvertently set.
Language isn’t my only passion; my other passions are dogs and running. With five rescue Huskies, I can combine both. I love roaming the forests near my house with my dogs, or taking them along for a run while training for a 10K or half marathon. If there’s still some time left, I also enjoy sightseeing with my husband and reading for work and pleasure.

Diana van Eijck
Business Linguistics
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