“Business Linguistics believes in simple pricing and no middlemen. You won’t find added service fees, project management fees or complicated pricing scales here. You are only charged for words we translate, edit or check.”

Affordable translation services for everyone

An incorrect translation can be very costly, preventing you from acquiring new business, giving the wrong, unprofessional impression, or even losing you clients.

The rate for a Business Linguistics translation depends on the topic and complexity of the text. I can only provide an accurate quote by looking at the source text.

As a guideline

  • Business Linguistics hourly rate is €45, excl. VAT
  • Business Linguistics per-word translation rates start at €0.16/word, adjustments may be made for large projects or clients with a contracted/ regular minimum.
    Minimum charge for small jobs is €45, excl. VAT
  • Proofreading, business writing, language classes and other services are all priced on a custom, per-project basis
  • All translations are double checked by another qualified, native translator (the 4-eye principle)!

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