Translations, proofreading, local tutoring and more

Business Linguistics translation services concentrates on Dutch, English and German translations and language classes or tutoring. Translations into other languages, like Japanese, are also available.

Business Linguistics works with a variety of specialists and partners in other language.

Text reviews, proofreading and editing

If you have written a text in Dutch, but are not sure if your grammar is up to date, I am happy to check it for you. I can also review texts you have already translated into English or German yourself. But just a warning, it will be more cost-effective to have it re-translated by a professional. Business Linguistics editing services are charged by the hour.

Business and conversational language skills

Your language skills are a bit rusty? Or the English or Dutch language skills of your staff are not up to par? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you to the desired level so you and/or your staff become more comfortable and effective.

Topic and industry expertise

Business Linguistics regularly translates everything from retail and fashion content to press releases, manuals, Terms & Conditions, menus for restaurants and tourism content, to name just a few topics. As a professional translator, I know and focus on my strengths. If you are looking for a specialist like a medical translator, I will gladly forward you the contact details of a colleague from my extended network.

For translations, editing, localization of your text or some language classes, simply contact me, right here.

Diana van Eijck
Business Linguistics
Mobile +49 (0)151 20957879
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